video of the week

8/15/13 duran duran: is there something i should know?

2/13/08 ralf and florian: the kraftwrk sitcom
2/6/08 spellbound
1/30/08 showroom dummies
1/23/08 love and pride
1/16/08 heyayayay
1/9/08 marty's tyre emporium
1/2/08 U2: new year's day
12/26/08 U2: christmas (baby please come home)
12/19/08 sparks: tips for teens
12/12/08 red hot chili peppers: under the bridge (literal version)
12/5/08 tears for fears: head over heels (literal version)
11/28/08 a-ha: take on me (literal version)
11/21/08 barack obama: word association gone wrong
11/14/08 john mccain: getting barackroll'd
11/7/08 samwell: what what (in the butt)
10/31/08 nightmare before christmas: this is halloween
10/24/08 U2: red hill mining town
10/17/08 new kids on the block: (you've got it) the right stuff
10/10/08 flight of the conchords: bowie
10/3/08 bryan ferry: a hard rain's a-gonna fall
9/26/08 crowded house: chocolate cake
9/19/08 fred schneider: monster
9/12/08 split enz: lovey dovey
9/5/08 simple minds: all the things she said
8/29/08 rachel sweet and rex smith: everlasting love
8/22/08 breakfast club: right on track
8/15/08 split enz: dirty creature
8/8/08 the mystic knights of the oingo boingo
8/1/08 roger hodgson: had a dream (sleeping with the enemy)
7/25/08 U2: yeah yeah yeah yeah
7/18/08 i love you cheetos
7/11/08 new order: blue monday
7/4/08 creedence clearwater revival: fortunate son
6/27/08 simpsons: en espaņol
6/20/08 nu shooz: point of no return
6/13/08 falco: der kommissar
6/6/08 squeeze: tempted
5/30/08 was (not was): walk the dinosaur
5/23/08 U2: womanfish/trip through your wires
depeche mode: see you
pickle surprise
sparks: get in the swing
aaron carter: aaron's party (come get it)